My New Project: Melting Crayon Art

10 Apr

I am working on a new artsy crafty project now. I was inspired by the crayon art projects floating around the blogsphere.

I started to gather the materials needed for this project. First and foremost, the crayon. I chose Buncho for its price and colours, oh well, and pretty much the customer loyalty factor too. I remember using the Buncho poster colours back in school. Got this 48 colours for RM13.90 [Note: RM3 ~ USD1]

After that I gather all the other materials that I thought I would need. If you have the same question as I did, thanks to lightandspoon, who confirmed that there’s no need to gesso the canvas beforehand.


Some Glue
Masking tape
Some marker pens
And paper
Oh, and hair dryer

Step 1: Cut the canvas to the correct size and trace the silhouette of your wanted picture onto the canvas

Step 2: Fill the drawn area with marker

This is the completed result :D

Step 3: Cover the area from umbrella down with masking tape

Step 4: Prepare the frame

Step 5: Stretch the canvas. I glued the canvas to the frame as I stretched, as I do not have a stapler for wood. redface

I allow it to dry for a day. I cannot wait to proceed and see the end result! I am so excited! mrgreen

Continue till completion here.

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    [...] Ahhhh… I have finally completed my melting crayon on canvas project that I started last Tuesday. [...]

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