Magic Bullet

10 Nov

Have you ever heard of the Magic Bullet? I first heard about it in August 2012 from Groupon. After I watched the youtube, I was totally sold and asked the hubby to see it. We were both excited and bought the product almost immediately. The down side would be it took up to 2 months for the product to reach our door-step because the whole bulk of products were held at  customs. neutral

This is how it looks like in the box.

And there are 12 items in there with a recipe book. While waiting for the product, I googled and saw some review. Well, let’s be fair, this is a tool that helps to make our job easier in the kitchen. Don’t expect food to taste better when you use this, shall we? :D

The next day, a little sulkily, I tried the product. A two-month wait can turn me into a lil monster. redface

If you consume flax seed, you would know that most nutrition experts recommend ground flax seed over whole flax seed. Grinding flax seed in my previous (I would call it) grinder-wanna-be is so painstaking that I prefer to chop them using knife and chopping board, ya I know, time consuming. With this Magic Bullet, the flax seed got ground into fine powder in less than 10 seconds, no kidding.

By then, the sulkiness evaporated. mrgreen

I went to shop for some ingredients to start my lil baking adventure. It’s my first baking experience. I followed the recipe book that came with the bullet and gathered these.

I blended the flour mixture in less than 10 seconds and put them into the oven. These are banana muffin mixture, with flax seed sprinkled on the left, chocolate chips in the middle and blueberries on the right.

Oooh, and they are now rising… How amazing… :D

This tiny little appliance can really take over the jobs of all the big and expensive machines that we would conventionally buy. :D

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